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Membership Selection

Mobility Leader

This membership is exclusively available to those with direct responsibility for one or more of the following areas; policy development, program administration/employee support or selection of service providers for their own organization's transferring employees. Also referred to as 'Employer Members'. Please be advised that Mobility Leader reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Membership of any member whose professional profile does not comply with this stated requirement.

Mobility Leader members are entitled to access all features, including the Leader's Forum (reserved only for employer members), and may select at their option to engage service providers while using Mobility Leader, or to maintain privacy.

Membership for Mobility Leaders is free. You may register yourself, or an unlimited number of your co-workers as well.

Service Provider

The Service Provider Membership is made in the name of your service company and includes both privileges and the "Management Representative" designation status for an unlimited number of your employees.

Your employee representatives are entitled to access all features on Mobility Leader, with the exception of the Leader's Forum, which is reserved for Employer Members. However, an equivalent feature, the "Member's Forum" is available to all members including Service Providers.

The Service Provider Membership also provides a dedicated page for your company in the Mobility Marketplace. Your company information (including service descriptions, materials and video or other media you upload to your page) is both viewable and searchable by the Employer Members of Mobility Leader, or by all members, if you so designate.

Membership Alternatives:

There are three alternative plans, depending on the number of services the Service Provider wishes to specify in the Mobility Marketplace, and the number of countries to be designated where its services are provided:
Level 1
An unlimited number of both services and countries may be specified in the Mobility Marketplace. - $1,000 (US) per 12 month period.
Level 2
For Service Providers wishing to specify five or fewer services in the Mobility Marketplace, and seeking to designate an unlimited number of Countries. - $500 (US) per 12 month period.
Level 3
For Service Providers wishing to specify five or fewer services in the Mobility Marketplace, and to designate a single Country where services are provided. - $300 (US) per 12 month period.
Individual Membership

For individual workforce mobility professionals wishing to join the Mobility Leader community independent of an employer-related membership.

Individual Members enjoy the same privileges as Service Providers, but do not have a page in the Mobility Marketplace.

Individual Membership is free.

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